Teaching my class this morning has left me feeling quite content- not just because my class participants said the class was hard (and they felt totally worked out) but the fact that we had a great time. Here are three unexpected benefits of group fitness training:

  1. Conversation

We’ve had countless great conversations covering many topics- from politics to holidays to how inspired we are by the next generations open mindedness and the great things to look forward to in the future on their behalf. There is never a wrong opinion, just conversation and exercise.

  1. Laughter

Conversation always leads to laughter- especially when we recount the silly things that we have done; like the time I accidently sprayed hair-spray under my arms instead of deodorant, or the time I had my husband in panic mode because I was yelling at him in the middle of the night and it took him 20 minutes to realise that I was sleep talking (after telling this story though, I had to contribute to the swear jar a number of times, ha-ha).

  1. Inclusion; Belonging to A Team

When a group train together, they get to know one another- we give praise when someone can do something that they couldn’t before and spur each other on when the going gets tough. Every newbie to a class is treated like one of the regular crowd.

Anyone that has been to my classes will know that you should always ‘do one more for good luck’, so here’s one more reason-

When you take a class with an experienced instructor, your instructor will be able to tell how you’re feeling just by looking at you and they’ll know to either push you harder or to back off. They’ll give you tips to get the best out of each exercise and challenge you when you’re ready. Most importantly, an experienced instructor will know that your workout is about you and your success is their number one goal.

To find the best class for you- shop around! There are fitness centres, personal training facilities, private studios on ‘every corner’ offering everything from CoreCross® to Pilates to Zumba or Bootcamp. Call them all; take up their trial offers and try as many as you like until you find a class where the conversation is easy, you have a laugh and you feel like you belong.