Pilates Classes and Private Pilates Sessions

At 253Global, Pilates classes are small and customised to the needs of each participant. Classes are suitable for general conditioning, rehabilitation of injuries, reducing back and joint pain and pre and post-natal care. Pilates is also used to improve dance and sports performance.

Pilates for dancers and athletes can improve core strength and flexibility, reducing the chance of injury or speeding up the process of injury rehabilitation. 253Global has experience with dancers, swimmers, runners, gymnasts and martial artists but is not limited to these sports.

Instructor Penny has 10 years of experience teaching Pilates to dancers ranging in age from 7 years, Grade 1 RAD, to Advanced RAD. Penny’s background as a Primary school teacher sets her apart from other Pilates teachers as she has the skills, qualifications and strong respect for growth and development to bring Pilates to this young age group. Penny’s unique way of describing human movement using language and teaching strategies suitable for children ensures they develop a strong awareness of ‘healthy movement’ and the knowledge to avoid damaging movement and postural habits.

"I feel happier and stronger"

Pilates classes at 253Global have helped my physical strength and flexibility, but more importantly they have helped my mental wellbeing. I feel happier and Stronger. Deborah Portelli, Glenfield

"I'm happier and have more energy"

I started coming to 253Global in January 2016, I’m in my 40’s and was a first timer to small group training, the classes helped me stick to the exercise long enough to enjoy the benefits, and now I’m hooked. I’m happier and have more energy for myself, my family and my work. Kristine Abelitis, Camden

"I've developed a positive attitude towards exercise"

Classes at 253Global helped me to realise that it wasn’t too late to become fitter (as an older person). I was amazed to see the gradual increase in my ability to perform the exercises which encouraged me to become more active generally. I’ve developed a positive attitude towards exercise and my goal is to remain as fit as possible as I age. Judyth Furguson, Minto

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Terms & Conditions when booking classes

Pre Payment

  • Prior booking for classes is essential
  • Payments made through the website
  • No extension on expiry dates
  • No refunds will be given.

Pre-payment, payments made through the 253Global website

3 classes $78.00 (expires 4 weeks after purchase)

6 classes $156.00 (expires 8 weeks after purchase)

12 classes $312.00 (expires 16 weeks after purchase)