It’s always a surprise for anyone that is doing Pilates for the first time, but the feeling of being taller is not just in your imagination.

When I was pregnant with my first child I had all the usual tests done- I’ve never been sure why they measure your height, but none the less my height was recorded at 155cm.

At this point in my life I had never heard of Pilates and my training prior to falling pregnant was all about getting that high energy endorphin hit by trying to go faster and lift heavier, and I felt very fortunate that I could safely keep up my training during my pregnancy. Twelve weeks after my baby was born I went back to training.

In the time between having my first and second child I had discovered Pilates- the gym I worked at ran a trial class. During the class I felt a bit silly and awkward doing some of the exercises that the instructor made look so easy but by the end of the class I had this lovely feeling of being taller and lighter. I knew straight away that this was a good thing for my body and to ensure that I never missed a Pilates workout I became an instructor as soon as I could.

When I fell pregnant with my second child, again I had all of the usual tests- but this time my height was 157cm!! That was something to be surprised about because I had stopped growing when I was 13 years old.

The truth is I hadn’t really grown. Pilates had improved my posture, lengthening my ‘sway back’, tight hips and chest giving my spine the freedom to extend upward. As a bonus, I haven’t had back pain or that everyday stiffness common to people with Lordosis since my Pilates journey began.

I kept up with my Pilates classes while I was pregnant and after baby number two was born my core and back recovered much more quickly and I felt strong enough to return to training in nine weeks.

I’ve been teaching Pilates now for about 15 years, I still enjoy the feeling of freedom and length in my body and I love sharing that feeling with the people of Narellan and Camden. When new clients come for classes at my studio in Smeaton Grange they always say- with a little bit of surprise in their voice “I feel taller!”