There seems to be such a limited number of hours in each day. Two of the things that many people have trouble fitting into their day is exercise and relaxation. But you can do both at the same time; multitasking at its best!

Over the 16 years that I have taught Pilates I have been asked so many times: ‘Why do I feel so relaxed after a class when I know I worked so hard?’

The answer is simple.

Pilates exercise is based on a set of movement principles, two of these principles are concentration and breathing. A good Pilates instructor knows how to use these principles to keep you focused on the exercise you are doing. This helps both the physical and mental benefits of the exercise.

The precision sought for Pilates exercises requires you to be fully present in the movement. When you are thinking about the elements of the movement like core activation, breathing and the feel of the working muscles, you can’t focus of anything else. Essentially, when your mind is busy concentrating on Pilates, the noisy clutter in your mind can’t break through, so you are giving your brain a break from thinking about the things that stress you out.

Modern habit of spending hours sitting constricts the lungs, causing breathing to be inhibited. Stress can make breathing shallower and thus can cause lethargy and the feeling of being drained. In Pilates, diaphragmatic breathing is used to assist in core activation and the added benefit of this is that it flushes out stale and toxic gasses from the lungs and gives circulation a boost. This is what makes you feel energised and uplifted!

Pain and headaches can be a result of stress as stress causes tension in the muscles. Active stretching- which is practiced in Pilates classes- can dissolve this tension and by doing so reduce pain and relieve headaches.

In the Camden and Narellan area- where I teach classes, I’ve heard many times from people that they just don’t have time to do it all, so when they exercise they choose a high intensity workout to burn fat and build fitness. That got me to thinking- how can I help these people? In my studio at Smeaton Grange, I started developing a class format that could deliver everything that people wanted in a fitness class.

That is how CoreCross® was born.

Core work- inspired by Pilates; high intensity exercises- to burn fat and improve fitness- and functional stretching to revive and lengthen the muscles. Does it do everything that it promises?

Last week I had a short conversation with one of my CoreCross® class participants who mentioned that one of the things that they enjoy about CoreCross® is that the concentration required to execute the exercises well and at a high intensity keeps them focused for the whole class and makes them feel rewarded and re-energised by the stretching at the end!

CoreCross® or Pilates could be the solution to fitting exercise and relaxation into your week. Check out the website for class times or leave an email on the website to find out more information.